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Divorce is an emotionally difficult and challenging process.  Property and custody are divided.  Emotional ties are disrupted.  Uncertainty regarding the well-being of your children and your finances following a divorce can be stressful.  The attorneys at McCarten Law Firm understand the challenges that accompany divorce and are equipped to help you navigate the uncertainty that comes with ending a marriage.

Minnesota utilizes a “no-fault” divorce system.  This means that the bad acts of either spouse are irrelevant in obtaining a divorce.  At McCarten Law Firm, our attorneys are experienced in representing divorce clients and work closely with them to explain the process, the legal realities of their case, and the best way to resolve the issues.

The vast majority of Minnesota divorces are resolved by agreement between the parties or in mediation.  The attorneys at McCarten Law Firm are experienced in guiding clients through the mediation process and assisting in settling matters outside of court.

If you are getting divorced, contact McCarten Law Firm to set up a consultation with one of our family law attorneys.  Our lawyers work hard to protect your legal rights and walk you through the complex process of ending a marriage.