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Liquor Liability

The State of Minnesota has liquor liability laws.  This means that a person injured in an auto accident caused by an intoxicated person may have a claim against the bar or restaurant that served alcohol to the intoxicated person.  As a result, any establishment that serves alcohol in Minnesota may be held responsible under the liquor liability laws.

Minnesota law places responsibility on businesses that serve alcohol to exercise proper judgment in serving patrons.  If an establishment continues to serve alcohol to a person that is known to be intoxicated and an auto accident results, the establishment can be held responsible for the victim’s injuries.

To make a successful liquor liability claim, the injured person must prove that the intoxicated person was obviously intoxicated when they were served alcohol or that the intoxicated person was a minor.  Although it is important to hold all responsible parties liable, it is often very difficult to trace the source of the alcohol and to prove that alcohol was served to an already intoxicated person.  The attorneys at McCarten Law Firm are experienced in liquor liability and have been successful in these cases.

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