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Estate Planning

Making a plan to protect your assets and your family’s well-being can be overwhelming. 

At McCarten Law Firm, we can assist you in deciding what legal instruments will best accomplish your goals.  Our attorneys offer peace of mind by providing fast and effective solutions for your general legal needs.

Power of Attorney
Who should make financial decisions for you if you cannot?  If there is no clear directive, the decision will be made by a court.  A Power of Attorney can direct who should make financial, medical, and living decisions for you.  If you are interested in having a Power of Attorney drafted, contact the attorneys at McCarten Law Firm for a consultation.  Learn more about Powers of Attorney with our FAQs

Health Care Directive
A health care directive can ensure your family and physicians know how you want medical decisions to be made if you are unable to make your own.  This gives you peace of mind and relieves your family of an extraordinary burden during a time of incredible stress.  Learn More About Health Care Directives with Our FAQs


Transfer on Death Deed
A Minnesota Transfer on Death Deed (TODD) allows a person to transfer property upon death.  Similar to a transfer-on-death account at a bank, a TODD allows the owner of real property to designate a beneficiary of the property, and, upon the death of the owner, the property passes to the beneficiary as non-probate property without the disadvantages of using a joint tenancy or life estate deed.  Learn More about Transfer on Death Deeds with Our FAQs

The attorneys at McCarten Law Firm strive to give you peace of mind.  Our attorneys help families plan for life, deal with death, preserve wealth, and protect inheritances by drafting legally binding Wills.  Our attorneys listen to clients’ goals and wishes and draft Wills uniquely tailored to the client’s desires.  If you are interested in having a Will created to protect your assets and loved ones, contact McCarten Law Firm for a consultation.  Learn more about Wills with our FAQs

A trust is a written agreement between an owner of property (you) and a trustee (possibly you or others) that directs the trustee to manage and distribute your property for the benefit of your beneficiaries. A trust may last only a short period of time or it may last decades.